Remote Collaboration made easy

Nextcloud One is a fully managed, secure file sync and share solution for sharing, accessing, and working on your documents, images, and more hosted in Germany by epiKshare.

Embracing Privacy and Efficiency with Nextcloud One

Experience the best in cloud-based collaboration and data management, knowing your data is stored under some of the world’s strictest privacy regulations.

Robust and User-Friendly Features

Just like the convenience offered by popular services like Dropbox, Nextcloud One provides a host of user-friendly features, along with several additional functionalities to enhance your experience.

Complete GDPR Compliance

Nextcloud One ensures full adherence to GDPR standards. It boasts ISO27001 certification, assisting your business in maintaining DSGVO compliance seamlessly.

Secure Data Hosting in Germany

With Nextcloud One, your data is exclusively hosted on German servers, benefitting from the stringent data protection laws under German jurisdiction.

Personalized Branding Options

Nextcloud One allows you to tailor your cloud environment to align with your Corporate Identity. This feature enhances brand consistency and fosters a more polished and professional digital presence.

Advanced End-to-End Encryption

Nextcloud One guarantees the highest level of data security with end-to-end encryption. Data is encrypted during transmission, and only the sender and recipient can access it using specified keys (SmartCard, password), ensuring unparalleled data protection.

Dedicated Professional Support

Our commitment to you is unwavering. Nextcloud One’s trained support team is always available to assist you promptly and efficiently in case of any issues.

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What is Enterprise File Sync and Share in Nextcloud One?

Enterprise File Sync and Share in Nextcloud One delivers straightforward and direct access to data via web, mobile, and desktop synchronization clients. This service accommodates various deployment options including on-premises, cloud, or a hybrid approach. Additionally, it ensures high-level security with advanced encryption and offers the flexibility of using external data storage solutions.

Enhanced Productivity through Collaboration

Nextcloud One’s prime feature is its ability to boost team productivity. With its user-friendly interface accessible on mobile, web, and desktop, Nextcloud One simplifies collaboration. It integrates potent document collaboration and communication tools, essential for effective teamwork in any environment.

Functionality of Rich Workspaces

In Nextcloud One, Rich Workspaces add meaningful context to your folders. They provide space above each folder for notes, to-do lists, or automation flow descriptions, ensuring that team members working in Nextcloud One are well-coordinated and informed about the collaborative workspace.

File Locking in Nextcloud One

Nextcloud One includes a file locking mechanism to avoid editing conflicts. This feature is particularly important for files that require downloading for modification, ensuring that simultaneous edits do not occur. While some documents support real-time browser editing, file locking in Nextcloud One safeguards against concurrent edits in other file types.

Comprehensive Search in Nextcloud One

The unified search feature in Nextcloud One is a standout tool, situated at the top-right of the interface. It aggregates results from all over Nextcloud One, offering an extensive search capability. Additional search providers can be integrated to further enhance the search function, making it a versatile tool within Nextcloud One.

Secure File Exchange with File Drop

Nextcloud One’s File Drop feature provides a secure way to exchange files, utilizing end-to-end encryption (E2EE). This makes Nextcloud One particularly suitable for entities like hospitals, banks, and government agencies that require secure communication channels to share files with clients or partners.

Workflow management

Nextcloud empowers system administrators to oversee and guide data exchanges among users across servers or within the same server. By implementing rule-based tagging of files and actions based on these tags or triggers such as geographic location, user group membership, file attributes, and the nature of the request, administrators can precisely enforce policies to restrict access, transform, eliminate, or preserve data in accordance with corporate or legal mandates. This places IT in command of user data, ensuring its security.

Admin Manual

Please note that the manual contains and describes functions that differ from the available functions of Nextcloud One.

User Manual

Please note that the manual contains and describes functions that differ from the available functions of Nextcloud One.